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"Petree removed dead limbs from two large oak trees. The workers were very skilled and hard working. We have used this company many times before and have always found them to be honest, thorough in their work, and driven by an arborist’s philosophy of making every effort to save trees and improve their health rather than remove trees."

John needy

"They arrived on time and quickly got to work.  This was a difficult job, requiring climbing to remove a number of limbs, including one about 10″ thick.   They and their equipment appeared very well designed for safety and efficiency. They were very careful to make a number of successive cuts to bring down large sections of limbs.  As the limbs were dropped, none threatened my nearby house, other trees, or fence.  Most of these limbs were hanging over a neighbor’s yard, but they worked so they stayed entirely in my yard. They cleaned up very well. They were happy to cut another log on the ground as well."

Marvin Mathiak

"Fantastic!! I have used Petree Arbor three times.  I had a white pine that had died and the one next to it was completely covered in ivy. Since I had such great service from Petree Arbor the last two times they were the only company I was going to call. They came when they said they would, did what they said they would do and cleaned up after themselves.  It’s so good to know Petree Arbor since I have so many trees on my property.  I will absolutely use them again in the future."

Wayne Pearson

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